an imageSexuality is an instinct, an inborn impulse which guides humans as well as other species in conducting an impulsive act useful for preservation of the individual or species.

However, human sexuality is not a crude physical act it is so closely interwoven with emotion which produces a complex perception. Although sex chromosomes and sex hormones are common fundamentals in humans and other species, what makes human sexuality something phenomenal is sex education and upbringing. No wonder why sexual problems are categorized into physical and psychological; the former is rooted in sexual system with similar physioanatomical characteristics in either sex, whereas the latter may differ from person to person depending on upbringing and education.

Sex education plays a significant part in shaping psychosexual pattern, the ignorance of which leads to unhealthy attitude and behaviour. It is therefore unfortunate to see preadolescent children in some societies are without sex education and are still being taught that sex is an enemy, that it is the devil, that talking or even thinking about sex is immoral, and that this enemy must be destroyed no matter at what costs. They are not only brought up in ignorance of facts but worse still are forced to adopt through imitation the attitudes of the adults that if happen to be faulty they will have to suffer their sexual troubles in the future.

By looking at the modern societies where sex education has long been practised, there are still men and women with little knowledge of sexual systems in their bodies. To many, sexuality means what they ‘do’ rather than what they ‘are’. How simply we can find men and women whose knowledge of other physical systems is much more adequate than what they know about their sexual systems, and not only this, but how comfortably they discuss their physical problems, whereas their sexual troubles may well be hidden long before they feel comfortable to discuss.

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